5 Reasons Kids Should Smile More!

Salesmen will always teach you to sell the benefits, rather than the features, to a client. As a parent, you often face the same struggle with your children—“eat this because it’s good for you,” or perhaps, “do well in school so you can get into a good university.”

For parents who find it challenging to get their children into our offices, we know it might be a tough sell to get them excited about a dental check-up. In an effort to help out our dutiful parents, we’re going to give you our 5 reasons kids should smile more that will make it a little easier the next time you need to come in.

little girl holding a smile

5 Reasons Kids Should Smile More!

Your immune system gets a boost! When you smile, your body naturally relaxes and your immune system is able to function optimally in fighting off infections and common ailments.

It relieves stress. Stress can affect everyone—yes, even your kids! With the pressure of academics, extracurricular sports, and social pressures, it’s easy to see how full a young teen’s plate can get emotionally. Every smile releases endorphins and serotonin which are the main chemicals in our brains that boost our moods. Smiling increases the production of these, lowers the production of cortisol (the stress hormone) and helps lower heart rates as well!

People who smile more achieve more. Poor dental health has been linked to lower academic performances. This extends past our formative years, as smiles contribute to success in job interviews and promotions once hired on. Smiling exudes confidence and an ability to cope well with stress. Tell your child that going to the dentist is going to help them succeed!

Smiling is contagious! Studies have shown that seeing a person smile activates the area of the brain responsible for facial expression. The next time your child raises a fuss about going to the dentist, tell them it’s so they can make everyone in the room happy with their bright smile!

Smiling leads to making more friends! If you’re little one is having trouble getting motivated about a dentist appointment, tell them how smiling helps them make more friends! Tell them about how body language speaks volumes beyond the words we use. Ask, “who would you rather talk to: a person cheerfully smiling or a grim-faced person?”

Hopefully with these benefits ready to go at a moment’s notice, you’ll be more prepared for when your child needs to hear them the most!