How to Prevent Tooth Decay with Halloween Candy Alternatives

Halloween is a fun day to dress up and interact with your community, but it also encourages unhealthy eating habits. The hordes of sweets children get while trick-or-treating are mainly teeth-damaging, sugary candies.

In those candies is sucrose, a type of sugar generally found in sweet or sticky foods. Sucrose is generally blamed for sugar-related tooth decay. However, children look forward to this opportunity to dress up in costumes and go out for weeks or even months.

We've compiled lists of tooth-friendly snacks before, but this is our first Halloween edition! So, here is our list of healthier options to hand out this year.

Help fight tooth decay and try replacing your home’s candy stash with these Halloween candy alternatives.

  • Sugar-free gum takes the number one spot. Not only is sugar-free gum regularly encouraged by dental health professionals, it’s also a hit with everyone, from kids to adults.
  • Trail mix is something that you can buy in small packages and is perfect for handing out. It’s also a food that has something for everyone – raisins, nuts, granola and chocolate are all found in bags.
  • Raisins come in snack-sized boxes, and have been found to actually help fight cavities. Plus, they’re delicious!
  • YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks are vegan and aren’t sticky like traditional fruit gummies but are still full of flavor. They don’t contain gluten, dairy, nuts, soy or artificial colors or dyes.
  • Finally, if you want to stand out this All Hallows’ Eve, give out festive trinkets instead of food items. Check out spooky temporary tattoos, Silly Bandz, stickers, fake fangs or glow sticks.