Are X-rays safe?

Why do we even have to use X-rays?

X-rays allow dentists to see what is going on both inside the teeth and behind the gums, helping us to assess potential problem areas. It enables us to see cavities and potential tooth decay before it becomes a bigger problem, and it also gives us a sneak peek into how their teeth are developing beneath the gum line.

Then how do you know it is safe?

There have always been conflicting reports of the overall safety of “radiographic exams,” as the debate over what determines a “safe” level of radiation continues on. While it is true that exposure to radiation can be harmful, the type of exposure your child will receive from a dental x-ray is extremely minimal.

Many advancements in technology have increased the safety of X-rays, such as the implementation of high speed film, which further minimizes the amount of radiation used in the exam.

The level of radiation used in your child’s X-ray is very low, and modern equipment is built to focus just on the particular areas of the mouth being inspected; effectively removing the risk of unnecessary exposure.

We also take more traditional safety measures, such as the use of lead vests or aprons to cover your child’s body while the X-ray is being taken.

Additionally, there are many laws and regulations each practice must adhere to and are routinely inspected on to ensure the X-ray equipment is up to code. That, together with all of the procedures previously mentioned, are how we can ensure your child’s health and safety during an examination.

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